# System Installation

Although it is not mandatory, we highly recommend using VPS hosting like Digital Ocean in order to host Shipboard. Shared hosting might introduce some issues during the installation or run-time, but you still can use them.

In the root directory, open the .env file with any editor and you will see some configuration values, following listed as needed:

# Application Settings

Configuration Name Description
APP_NAME Main application name. Used in page titles
APP_ENV Indicates the environment that the application is hosted on. Keep it as it as for production.
APP_URL Main domain link, make sure you prefix it with https instead of http

# Database Settings

Configuration Name Description
DB_HOST Database host IP, in most cases you don't need to change this
DB_PORT Database port number
DB_DATABASE Database name
DB_PASSWORD Database user password

# Mail Settings

Configuration Name Description
MAIL_DRIVER Email service driver, usually it is SMTP and you don't need to change it
MAIL_HOST Email host IP or address
MAIL_PORT Email service port number
MAIL_USERNAME Email address
MAIL_PASSWORD Email password
MAIL_ENCRYPTION Email service encryiption. By default it is null, depends on your mail host encryiption change this value
MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS Email address alias used to send emails. This will be visible in "from" in all emails sent by the system